This section of the website is where you can place your order and check up on status and order history. We can do a 24 hour turn around for a extra fee if needed. Once you order we will have a representative contact you. It is also helpful to email a photo of the wheel being repaired to sales@rimspec.com also please include your order number with the email.

  • Custom Wheel Adapters

    Rimspec now offer custom wheel adapters just tell us the specs that you are converting from and to and how thick you want the spacing for it and we will give you a price qoute to fabircate it. We can also make wheel spacers just let us know how thick they need to be.

  • Apparel

    Here you can purchase some custom T-shirts and custom hats that RimSpecs offers

  • Chroming Part Service

    We Just don’t chrome wheels we can chrome any metal / Alloy parts ranging from motorcycle frame parts, bike frame parts and roll cages for cars. Calls Us for a qoute for your Chroming needs

  • Powder Coating Parts Service

    We Just don’t powder coat wheels we can powder coat any metal / Alloy parts ranging from motorcycle frame parts, bike frame parts and roll cages for cars. Calls Us for a qoute for your powder coating needs

  • Spray Chrome Part Service

    We Have the ability to give you a Chrome finish using advance technology called Spray Chrome we can Spray Chrome Wheel caps, car parts, car grills and almost anything else call or email us for a quote.

  • Wheel Repair

    This category is for people wishing to repair wheels for their automobile or motorcycles.

  • Used Wheels for Sale

    Here is our excess inventory of used wheels rims we have for sale. This section includes cars, trucks, motorcycle and miscellaneous wheels

  • Wheel Widening/ Narrowing

    We offer wheel widening and wheel narrow service so if you need to widen your wheels or making i narrow call us for a qoute

  • Used Tires For Sale

    Used Tires if you Dont see it please call

  • New Tires

    New Tires if you don’t see it please call.

  • New Wheels

    Here is where you have the option to buy new wheels for your car automobile or motorcycle. We carry Asanti, Swiss, Modular Society and many other wheel / rims.

    • XD Series Wheels

      This Section is for XD Wheels if you want to purchase new wheels then click here. They are the makers fo the famous Rockstar Wheels

    • Connisseur
    • AVS

      Advance Vehicle System wheels by Yokohama

    • Advan Racing

      Cast and forged wheels by Yokohama

    • American Racing Wheels

      This Section is for people wanting to purchase new American Racing Wheels

    • Asanti Wheels

      This section is for people that want to purchase new Asanti Wheels

    • ATX Series Wheels

      This Section is for people who want to purchase ATX Series Wheels

    • HRE

      Racing defines HRE. Racing is our test center. We race to continually push ourselves to develop a stronger, stiffer, lighter wheel for next season; which translates into the finest wheels you can buy for the street. Every wheel at HRE has motorsport in its soul and undergoes the same type of rigorous development, whether it is winning races or cruising down the boulevard. We aren’t just racing for fun or fame. At HRE we’re racing to wi

    • KMC Wheels

      This section is for people wanting to buy new KMC Wheels

    • Kreuzer Series
    • Lexani Wheels

      This Section is for people who want to purchase new Lexani Wheels

    • Lorenzo Wheels

      Lorenzo Wheels this section is for people wanting to buy new Lorenzo Wheels at a affordable price

    • Motegi Racing Wheels

      This section is for New Motegi Racing Wheels

    • Moto Metal Wheels

      This section is for Moto Metal Wheels if you want to purchase them.

    • Volks
    • Work

      Many often wonder what makes WORK Wheels so strong? WORK focuses much of its technology in rim forming. Our rim barrel is what really sets us apart. Many companies focus on the phrase “Forged”, but that only pertains to the center disk construction.

      The rim barrel is what takes most of the load of the vehicle; having a forged center disk with spun rim barrel really doesn’t make much difference in the strength (this applies to two and three piece construction wheels).

      WORK Wheels is one of the only companies in the world to develop and utilize a “Solid Rim Flange.” Our rim barrels are highly regarded by other wheel manufacturers as well. Many other wheel makers have requested to purchase our rim barrels for their wheels.

      The photo is a cut-away view of our two piece rim barrel. As you can see the rim flange is solid and our barrel thickness is thicker than most of our competitors.

    • Xreutzer Series

      by Yokohama Wheel Design

  • Wheel Accessories

    This area include lug nuts, spacers, wheel adapters, tpms, valves stems and more

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